Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Follow Friday! So here is my shot at it...

Ok for months Fridays are crazy here on Twitter, I mean I enjoy being recommended as much as anyone.It will not be any different in coming months either as more people follow me every day...
I also have made it a goal to thank every person who recommends me. Full moon another shot..  on TwitpicA personal thing I think is important.
NOW dont take that wrong like I am telling you what to do!

The deal with me though is to treat people like you would like to be treated, in fact we should treat them better than I treat more on that another time!
So I thank each person and always have been like how will I recommend my friends..
So for a while I didnt recommend anyone, just wasnt going to play then cause I could see what might happen.
Either I will be tweeting all day recommending the many great people I have met on Twitter or leave a lot out!
Sure enough the Fridays I have succumbed to the #followfriday peer pressure at the end, I would be like I forgot this person, and that person.. it was a difficult problem for me..
So I am keeping a list now, not just my friends, business partners ect but Tweeters I see actually helping others.
It has took the pressure off! I will recommend those I see helping others which has allready increased my Twitter awareness cause I watch the Twitter stream more now.
Well mrken is trying to catch you doing something nice for someone!

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