Saturday, February 21, 2009

Twitter, so is it just for fun, to chat, for business or is it Real People Building Strong Bonds?

Actually Twitter is and has become way more than this title implies!

I am really enjoying my life on Twitter! I hope you will visit and rate a favorite lens of mine

What Do You Call Our Twitter Community?

Please leave your name, contact info along with your favorite pet name for
How about you?

The last four months have kind of blurred together since I joined this social media powerhouse, and started hanging around the Twitterhood I now live in...
So much has taken place!

I have made new friends, found old friends, developed some great partnerships, have been helping many people develop their web presence, tweeted 12810 times to date, have been praised and criticized, received feedback positive and negative, learned many new things, applications, seen many money making systems, direct messages, blogs, web sites, opt in pages, dig deep every day to find the latest and best links to post, blipped great songs, listened to others blips, posted pics on twitpic, videos on Youtube.....ahhhh wow! is definitely the hot spot to be!

I know there are many others and I also enjoy my friends on Facebook, TBD, MySpace ect, hands down though I spend the most time with folks on Twitter! It just is my favorite!

I have made some adjustments though! I get so involved every time I jump on that it is hard to get as much done as when I am not scanning tweetdeck, retweeting, repling ect...

The most important thing is not the ratings, the influence, the sales, the deals, the hype, pomp and circumstances... it is you! You and the relationships you are building while Twittering your time away!

In the months and years to come that have built strong, vibrant relationships on Twitter. Those we call when we need a little encouragement or some help getting over some tech issue.
We have a large slice of the internet world to help us define and redefine our systems and progress along the way.

We are approaching a huge change in the way the internet does business. The wealth and resources are transferring from the takers to real internet community, the givers and doers, the people who actually care and help people when no one will ever see or be able to repay you your help!
The truth is that Twitter is just plain fun, it has opened new door for multitudes of us to make friends, talk, network share and help each other.. It is way bigger than our programs, lists ratings, any and all of that!

It is about strong people helping each other to overcome and prosper in the most tumultious economic times this nation have seen in many years..

To all of my friends in the Twitterverse a big shout out and thank you from mrken777!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Laughter The Best Medicine

There is an increasing awareness today of the relationship between Health and our Mindset. Medical science is discovering that bitterness, lack of forgiveness and other such mindsets can increase and even cause ailments such as arthritis and related problems.

We find the wisest man in the world (Solomon) declaring “A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” Let’s face it can you stay in a negative frame of mind when you are laughing your head off?

Quite a few years ago I heard a testimony of someone who was diagnosed with cancer and given just weeks to live. This person made a decision: “if I am going to die soon, I may as well die laughing”. Not a TOTALLY positive decision in itself, but at least they are thinking in a positive direction.

So they set off to the local video store to rent a bunch of the old funnies with stars such as Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges and Abbott & Costello. These movies were their favorites and so they spent days watching these old time comedies and laughing and laughing.

Good clean fun, those were the days. I certainly remember these movies. I used to love them (and still do). My favorite comedy team was Laurel and Hardy. I also enjoyed the Marx Brothers.

Interesting fact about the Marx Brothers: I recently learned from a TV documentary, that Harpo could actually speak. His voice was ridiculed by someone and so he responded by refusing to speak, this we know him as the non speaking member of the group.

Laurel and Hardy were crazy yet genius in comedy, a very unlikely pair (one from London and one from Georgia). I remember seeing many of their movies during my youth. Of course I am still in my youth

For our cancer patient there was of course no room for remorse, sadness or any negative thinking during those days of such mirth. What was result of this exercise? Instead of dying laughing, they LIVED, the cancer gone.

Yes mindset DOES affect our health.
I have already mentioned this, but it is so important it bears mentioning again. Even physicians now agree that things like arthritis and many other ailments can be greatly attributed to harboring bitterness, anger and unforgiveness in our hearts and minds. So a good laugh that helps clear the mind can certainly be

Is it possible that laughter could also help with weight loss?
A good twitter friend, Shileen Nixen, has an excellent testimony of how she was able to conquer her weight problem once she faced the fact that “it was the emotional and mindset part that needed major work”. We have already discussed how laughter can help turn mindsets to a positive direction. See her article: Weight Loss Weigh More Than a Diet

There is also an excellent three part series on Mindset and Weightloss to be found on

The state of our minds plays a VERY important role in every area of our lives, including health and weight loss. After all Solomon who was the wisest man who every lived did say “As he thinks in his heart, so is he” Ps 23:7.

Remember Solomon also knew that laughter is good when he said: “A merry heart does good like a medicine”. Proverbs 17:22

Now that’s one medicine I can take! How about you? Have you taken time to have a good laugh today?

Rewritten and submitted by Jill Rapley,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guest Post by Justin French->> Top 5 Lessons Learned in January about Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter, and Business

With all of the current hype and news on Web 2.0, Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter, and the bailout, I take this time to reflect on this past month- January 2009. Lets all just take a deep breath, count to 3, and begin to realize how much information overload we really have; or the lack of proper filtering. I, justinrfrench break it all down for you here. I give you the full Entrepreneurial, Business Minded, Tech Guru, Social Media/ Social Networking addict, twitterholic synopsis with-out leaving your seat!

If there is one blog site you're going to read about the growing trends in social networking for business, internet marketing for business, social media for business, or any of the other Web 2.0 solutions for business then I HIGHLY suggest you keep reading this blog.

I would hope after reading this, you would be kind enough to pay it forward, re-tweet this blog, subscribe to this blog, and help spread the word about this revolution occurring because we have only touched the tip of the iceberg on what is to come from my team and I in the not to distant future. If you think Google, Apple, and Microsoft were big, wait till twitter, justinrfrench, and his followers get on the map! You won't want to miss this 21st century bailout we are giving businesses on a silver platter.

For all my fellow twitterholics, followers, alliances, and partners I have formed over the years, I dedicate my mission and personal journey to you. This year I will fully dedicate myself to being the driving force for spreading the word to all Southern California businesses to help educate, instruct, and consult their firms on how to best utilize a social media workflow system tailored around their company.

Here are my Top 5 Lessons Learned (in no particular order) of what you or your business can gain from my summary of the month on the above topics:

1. Lesson 1- Barack Obama has proven to be more of a leader than I thought. After even talking about setting a cap on CEO pay- he became my hero. MOST CEO's (not all) are over paid, under delivering to shareholders, and quite frankly do not know how to lead in today's 21st century and need a full makeover in upper management. Small businesses will be what gets us through these tough times as Obama states, so start finding how you can fit into this paradigm puzzle.

2. Lesson 2- Sign up and start using twitter right now! The best business social networking tool I've seen in the last 5 years! If you have not signed up on twitter, heard of twitter, or been active on twitter, then you are already behind. If you are a true business person, then you already know the importance of first mover advantage so I suggest you get on board. Just Google "twitter" and get going. If you need twitter training, instruction, or consulting on how to use twitter for business, I have teams of consultants that will come to your office and train, tutor, and educate you on the importance of twitter. After you sign up, make sure you follow me on twitter at CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW JUSTIN

3. Lesson 3- Is all this social media, social networking hype really for my business? I thought MySpace and Facebook were for teens and young adults. YES! If your business does not form some type of internet marketing strategy today then you will not be in business tomorrow. I guarantee I can think of one or two social media sites or social networking sites for business that will be beneficial in some way to growing your business.

4. Lesson 4- What is Social Networking San Diego, Why does my business need to know about this site, and how will it benefit my business? "Social Networking San Diego supports and educates businesses on the value and growing trend in social networking, social media, social marketing, and internet marketing for business. This trend in social networking and social media for business has been packaged together for local companies to use as a proven internet marketing system and online advertising strategy to focus on lead generation and driving traffic to company websites in turn generating new business."- justinrfrench

5. Lesson 5- What Social Media/ Social Networking sites does twitterholic justinrfrench suggest to lay the proper foundation for my business to start gaining a better presence online?
a. Twitter
b. Linked-in
c. Friend feed
d. Facebook
e. Word Press

I look forward to your comments, recommendations, or insight on this post- don't be shy. yours truly-
Fellow twitterholic justinrfrench

Monday, February 2, 2009

I am addicted to Twitter!

You know its true, if I had got any real serious sleep the last two months it was in between my Twitter fests!
How about you?
I am real bad, leave to do some errands and I am on my mobile phone checking messages, oops I have to stop and reply! LOL..
I have to discipline myself to take breaks from my latest pastime.

Honestly though I have been in this state of South Dakota through 8 winters, this one being the most snow I have seen here. This year I have not had time for being depressed cause it is freezing below zero because I have been having a blast on Twitter!
This may be foreign to you as it was to me before moving here. The truth is winter in these states brings out the demons of depression through the freezing isolation it can bring.
These factors plus lack of a lot of fresh air and sunshine can lead to a bad attitude, at the least.

Thanks to my Twitter friends as they are always making me laugh, checking up on me and being great people!
This is without the best winter i have ever had since moving here!

I am encouraging others that have the winter blues to get on Twitter, interact and make some friends!