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How to Make Money Online in a Real Business

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twitter Tops One Billion Tweets!

As of March 4th Mashables Ben Parr reports that Twitter has surpassed 10 billion tweets.
This shows that Twitter is still growing at a fast pace, Twitter had went past one billion tweets in November 2008 and five billion tweets just four months ago so you can see that Twitter is still having explosive growth.

I have to say that I am responsible for only 24,000 of those!

You can see Ben's article here on Mashable, a great resource!

Here are some archived articles on Twitters growth..

12 Months ago Twitter Now Growing at a Staggering 1,382 Percent

and in January 2010 Twitter's Growth Slows Dramatically

Regardless Twitter continues to grow and is a favorite social media tool of mine how about you?

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Monday, January 4, 2010

My Five Favorite Twitter Power Applications of 2009

There are many Twitter applications and tools advertised and offered on the internet today. I use some time tested ones that are established and have been most valuable to me in the past twelve months.
These are the tools that I have used consistently in 2009 to enhance and manage my Twitter accounts. I have ranked these in order of how much I value each tool saving the best for last...

Find people that have the same interests as you do. Monitter enables you to search the Twitter stream for a set of keywords. Monitter allows you to set up columns that moniter Twitter in real time for the desired keywords that interest you. Monitter is a great tool for finding people who are tweeting about a specific topic. It is handy for find those in a target niche.

My Tweeple-

Manage your friends and followers. This is a very important utility that enables you to be a little choosy about who you follow. Shannon Whiteley wrote this application when she found that the Twitter application itself was a little lacking in being able to mange your friends and followers. You can use this to see who is following you and who you are following. The application is simple and easy to use I use this for clearing out followers that have quit following me. I use it for un following undesirable tweeps like porn spammers and others. I have used this quite a few times in the last year to even my following and follower ratios.

Social Oomph-
This application called Social Oomph used to be named Tweetlater. Social Oomph is a great application that keeps on growing! SocialOomph boasts tools to to boost your sicial media productivity. I use Social Oomph for sending a direct message to people that follow me. You can use Social Oomph to also return the follow, post automatic tweets to multiple accounts. This application also does numerous other tasks such as tracking keywords, schedule tweets, automatic direct messages to your followers, unfollow those who unfollow you, with unlimited accounts. SocialOomph is now able to schedule Facebook updates. There is a upgraded Tweet Cockpit which allows you to do much much more. You can filter time lines focusing on just you favorites, forward direct messages to others and mut annoying tweeters.
This is an important Twitter power tool for serious Twitter users witha vast number of features to boost your social network productivity.


This great application is still my favorite to share photos on Twitter. I know that there are many ways to share photos on Twitter but Twitpic remains my favorite! This is a great application that I use to share photos of events and thjings in my life with my Twitter followers. Along with the photo link Twitpic will post a 120 character tweet describing the picture you are sharing. Pictures let people know what things are like in your life and makes you more personal, I use Twitpic a lot! Here is one I posted in December 2009 "Pactola Lake South Dakota USA Yesterday, beautifully partially frozen..


This application needs no introduction to the Twitter veteran, there are rivals but I prefer to use Tweetdeck to manage my multiple accounts on Twitter. This Twitter Power Tool ranks number one because I use it almost every day. Tweetdeck allows me to watch all of my friends tweets, my @ replies, my direct messages, Facebook friends updates, Myspace status updates all in one place. Tweetdeck is a power users necessary tool as I can manage all my Twitter accounts from one screen. Tweetdeck allows me to observe all communications intended for me, it allows me to reply while also watching for friends and interesting tweets in the Twitter stream.
Twwetdeck is also able to search Twitter in real time for any keyword, allowing you to find others tweeting about stuff you are interested in or targeting a market for your business. Tweetdeck is my number one tool for 2009 as I use it every day and it make s managing Twitter that much better for me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Create Your Great Life: Tis' the season. Tips for keeping your stress level and wallet under wraps this holiday season!

Create Your Great Life: Tis' the season. Tips for keeping your stress level and wallet under wraps this holiday season!

Read these to help you thru the holiday season!
This can be a stress full season and these may help to ease the load..
I hope yours is a good one:-)
Thank you DeeLynn

Monday, December 7, 2009

These guys make me feel like I am getting soft...

This was emailed to me as a forward, I hope the family will find this and leave me a comment! You have some awesome riding family!

"On Thanksgiving Day, as most of America was watching football, the Weber household was sitting around talking about bikes. We started looking though my dad’s old riding photos. These are so great that I had to share some with all of you…

My dad and some friends were Adventure Riders to the hilt back in the 1950’s. Sunday rides were the thing for these guys, with the occasional jaunt to Mexico City or somewhere thrown in for fun. First let’s introduce the characters. Here's the clan filling up for gas somewhere near Fort Collings, CO. We've got them from left to right:
Jerry Francis, 1950 Harley 74
Mike Sadusky, 1950 Harley 74
Warren Weber (my dad), 1950 Harley 74
Wendell Rea, 1942 Harley 45 CI. Notice the front knobby!

I guess the 1950 Harley 74 was 'all that', Just like the GS is (supposedly) these days. Seems pretty popular anyhow...

Here's the 'usual suspects' again taking a morning break on a nice Sunday ride.

One Sunday ride took 'em to the top of Mount Evans , elevation 14,264. This was back in the day before it was paved all the way to the top. It was, however, paved here if it hadn't been for the snow. I was recently in a similar situation on my Rally Twin coming over Pearl Pass. I thought it was touchy enough, and I didn't have a FOOT CLUTCH!!! Yikes!

Yet another 1952 Sunday ride ventured up Arapahoe Pass - it's near Eldora , Colorado and is now all wilderness. Stupid lousy rotten environmental freaks, but I digress… (sigh)

The clan started out from my Dad's house in Wheat Ridge , which is a stone's throw from Golden, CO. They usually left about 8:00 a.m. If you didn't arrive on time, they'd leave you. Hard knocks. They headed up to Boulder , CO and followed the nice, twisty, scenic Boulder Canyon to Nederland . From there they headed through the town of Eldora and up Arapahoe pass.

Now some things never change. There's always that one person in the group that either insists that they absolutely positively know where to go, or that it "not that bad". In this case, the group ended up venturing down this:

Turned out that this the wrong way (DUH!). The Harley guys actually let the english bike riders be guinea pigs on this part of the ride. Must've been one of those hot-headed british riding know-it-alls that suggested it in the first place...

After some back tracking and de-mudding operations, they finally found the right trail and made it to the top at 11905 feet elevation. Nice day!

I also think these guys could've invented the "No Fear" logo. I have fear when it associates a 750 lb hard tail with a stream crossing on a trail. These guys really deserve some respect for being able to pull this off. Or they deserve to be taken away in straight jackets, I'm not really sure.

Not that they didn't dab once or twice. OK, maybe they dabbed about 100 times, but they still made it across. Now it's time to take a break and dry out.

Here’s a portrait of my dad taken in 1951, just before the start of a nice ride. Notice the cool stylish apparel. Helmet? I don't need no stinking helmet! Of course, this was pre-head injury days....

These guys also had a lot of fun just playin’ around. Imagine getting a couple feet (OR MORE!) of air on a 750 HARD-TAIL Harley! This makes you GS-jumpers look like whimps, with your fancy rear suspension and all. Sheesh!

But the most insane (read: talented) member of the group in the area of piloting a Harley 74(7) through the air was a fellow named Kenny Erie. If Kenny was alive today and about 50 years younger, I’m sure he’d be one of the top names in freestyle!

These guys weren't shy of riding on a bit of snow, either. Here's Mike Sadusky on his 50 Harley. Man, I really envy this guy's legs. I bet he could straddle the 950 Adventure-S with his knees bent. Me, on the other hand, can't physically touch both toes to the ground at the same time. Mike used to drape his legs over the handle bars to stretch on those long road trips (no joking!). Who needs hiway pegs?

You’d think these guys would know when to stop. Apparently not…

Good thing Mike has those long legs...

These were taken up by my Dad's cabin on Mt Thorodin. Wanna park, but you're too lazy to put the side stand down? Just cram it in a snow bank and leave it like my dad did. Mike and Kenny are in the process of “parking”.

These guys were never short of play time. Once again, Mike's extra long legs save the day. Well, almost.

And again...

You’re not a real rider unless you can power slide…

So, as it goes on Thanksgiving day you’re supposed to think what you’re thankful for. I’m thankful for my dad being a nutcase in the 1950’s, buying my brother Wayne and I Z-50’s in the 70s, and riding every chance I get with my friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!"

Jumping you guys rock!