Monday, March 30, 2009

Mrkens Thoughts on Automatic Direct Messages to new Twitter Followers..

Hey friends, thought I would add my thoughts on our new poll. Just my thoughts, that and a dollar fifty will get you a cup of coffee!

It seems that there are a ton of Twitter experts today as my good friend Traci Knoppe was saying on our latest Business Builders Workshop call in show. Everywhere you look there is a new "expert" that will teach us the "rules" of Twitter. I make no such claims although I have a little experience...

Ken Kinstle

I started the poll to your right and hope you will take the poll, leave me a comment with your full thoughts also. I am interested what people really think on this..
I see a lot of tweeps saying how much they dislike the automatic direct messages..and by my observations on new followers less people are using them...
So here are my thoughts..
I use them number one and have not stopped because some "experts" say that automatic direct messages are wrong. For myself and the amount of people that follow me, the times I am not posting on Twitter, ect I use them! I like to give people a greeting using Tweetlater, some people might have just gasped at the air!
Yes I use Tweetlater! For when I am doing things and want to post on Twitter. I have been reluctant to share this but have upgraded to professional and used this since I started on Twitter!
Back to the subject, Automatic Direct messages on Twitter, I also try to greet people personally after I am on and see them following me.
For me it is important to greet someone right after they follow me and connect with them when I can. So of course in my humble opinion this use is good!
Now! You notice in my poll the entry, DM's are ok but leave out your money link!
This is an incorrect use in my opinion and usually I do not respond to those auto direct messages because it is just flat rude! To say hey you followed me here buy my stuff, is rude and it does irk me when I get them. I see some who add a link and is tastefull, but most seem like BOOM heres MY stuff.

I think it boils down to the golden rule my friends.. just treat others as you would want to be treated! I think with that in mind and some common sense, you can determine what works for you on Twitter and all social networking sites.
I will keep reading what the "experts" are saying, taking the valuable stuff and just shine the rest on! It is not likely you will hear me tweeting complaining about those tweeps who do this or that friends. Twitter is opt in! If it really bothers me I will hit the unfollow button! That is the beauty of social networking, if someone or thier behavior bothers us that bad, just quit following them!

It is supposed to be fun! Treat others well, greet and engage them heartily by what ever method you choose and by all means have fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One friends amazing journey to health and wealth!

Fred Gondzar’s physical and financial condition are better than ever!

Fred Gondzar just keeps rockin’and rollin’ to greater success.

His thriving TriVita business has also given him plenty of time to enjoy his two favorite pastimes:
playing in a Beatles tribute band called the Abbey Road Band and riding his motorcycle.

In fact, his Rapid City, South Dakota home is only 20 miles from the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and is also close to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.
You may remember Fred’s story in the June 2008 issue of the VitaJournal. In seven short months he had raced from Business Affiliate to Director. Since then, he’s moved up to 1 Star Director and his TriVita business has steadily accelerated. Clearly Fred has the drive and solid business vision to go very far, very fast.
Even more inspiring is Fred’s successful fight against follicular lymphoma (a type of cancer). He underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments while he was starting to grow his business. Now Fred happily reports that “everything is looking good and I have my energy – and my hair back.”
He was also thrilled to attend his first-ever Galaxy of Stars event in October 2008. “This was a class act all around,” Fred enthuses. “Everyone who was at Galaxy of Stars was treated like royalty. I had an opportunity to visit with both Michael and Marcus Ellison, and the entire corporate staff was very friendly and welcoming.”
He thoroughly enjoyed all the seminars and was very impressed by the product introductions. Fred confidently predicts that “the new Sonoran product will blow the doors off everything.”

Galaxy of Stars came along at a good time in Fred’s life. He is savoring his TriVita success…and making big plans for the future. This good fortune was hard-won because he’s a seasoned veteran of several direct sales ventures – most of which crashed and burned. So, back in 2007, after a long string of business disappointments, he felt he had reached the end of the line.

The phone call that changed everything!
His life took a sudden turn for the better when a long time acquaintance, Mike Riedmiller, called him and asked him to take a look at one more opportunity – with a company called TriVita. Fred was skeptical, but he had a lot of respect for his friend’s judgment and decided to check it out. “Mike reassured me that TriVita was unlike any other company because they acquire customers for you,” Fred says. “He went into some detail about the company’s unique business model and I was definitely intrigued.”
For the next several weeks Fred extensively researched TriVita. He went out of his way to
find negative information – but was pleasantly surprised when he came up empty-handed.
He even called up several TriVita Business Affiliates to ask them pointed questions. They
had nothing but positive things to say. “After lots of due diligence I realized I couldn’t find any weak links,” Fred recalls. “At that point I realized TriVita was the company I was looking for all these years.”

Please check out some recorded conference calls.

Here are 2 awesome ones........

Fred stresses TriVita’s “one-of-a-kind” business model

Once Fred signed up he quickly found the right business-building formula. He says, “I allocate a percentage of my check to put back into the Media Acquisition Program (MAP) to acquire new customers and contacts on a regular basis.”
Fred also finds plenty of everyday opportunities to engage people with a brief, yet informative conversation about TriVita’s unique qualities. “Most people I talk to aren’t familiar with the company’s one-of-a-kind business model,” states Fred. “I always stress TriVita’s longevity, the TV infomercials they produce that bring in a steady stream of new customers and the company’s generous compensation plan. These people are thrilled and surprised and say ‘Wow! I’ve never heard of a company like this.’” Others are just as interested in the products and Fred is happy to relate his own product experience. That comes easy because
he’s a big fan of the company’s nutritional supplements and they are always within easy reach at his home office. Fred makes a strong case for TriVita products when he mentions the physician-approved formulas,
pure natural ingredients and pharmaceuticalgrade quality. He enjoys the mental and physical lift he gets from both Sublingual B-12 and Energy Now!®. Joint Complex and OptimaFlex help ease the pain and discomfort from his arthritis. CoQ-10, OmegaPrime® and Natural Vitamin E help strengthen his cardiac health. Says Fred, “Because of my previous challenges I need to keep myself in as good health as possible.”
Now that his TriVita business is cruising along, Fred can comfortably say, “This is the one I’m sticking with. TriVita is the company that’s going to be there for the long haul. I’m totally positive about my future with TriVita and I’m not even interested in exploring other opportunities.”
So, what does he do when each TriVita compensation check comes in? Fred hands the envelope to his wife, Paula. When she opens it up, the smile on Paula’s face is priceless.

As you can see Fred Gondzar is a very wise man..
Please contact Fred on Twitter
To find out more check this video out..
Trivita Video
And here is a good video that deals with the products..
Trivita Products Video

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paper or Plastic Take the Squidoo Poll!

Vote and leave a blurb why? Cause its great to see your input!

These answers so far rock!

Click on the image to right to see a screenshot of poll on mrkens Who is Ken Kinstle lens!

Paper or Plastic

Your choice:

Chris says:
paper makes a great fire starter... camping at Sturgis!
Posted March 17, 2009

follow me on says:
What about reusable cloth bags?
Posted March 03, 2009

nar321 says:
Neither use a reuseable bag
Posted March 01, 2009

chaz2b says:
paper, a natural material that can be recycled or can decompose if not.
Posted February 25, 2009

garry says:
because it,s made from wood natural trees return back to nature
Posted February 23, 2009

Poll on my Sturgis Lens!
Click on the screen shot to the right to enlarge!

Plastic says:
plastic, recyclable for many uses, trash bags, clothing, supplies, shoes, items for storage, quick lunch, stores that do not offer bags, wet clothing, used diapers or depends, etc
Posted March 04, 2009

Mr.Ress says:
Plastic, more durable for re-use, and takes less energy/resources to recycle.
Posted March 03, 2009

drifter0658 says:
Plastic..plastic bags make better luggage
Posted March 01, 2009

Linnet Woods says:
Plastic because something has to be done with all the petroleum by-products and it means less pine trees being grown - those wretched pulp trees do the planet no good and actually ruin the soil around themselves.
Posted February 18, 2009

mrkensworld says:

Plastic usually, it is recyclable!

Posted February 14, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mrken Helps his Twitter friends Squidoo!

I have been having a great time helping people who are interested how to start their Squidoo accounts and getting started with the basics of building their Squidoo lenses!

This lens will be built and screenshot video of the whole process posted on this lens.
It should be a fun project! If you have a specific task that you would like detailed please direct message me on Twitter!

Follow Mrken as this lens is built live!

Mrken777s How To Build A Squidoo Lens - Live!

Here is a resource for my friends to send people to learn some basic Squidoo stuff. This library has screen shot videos of the process from log on, how to add text, how to add a photo, and many more!

Mrkens Screenshot Library
Please email me at
for the password for the rich video stash with extras!