Saturday, April 18, 2009

RC Club for Boys Mrken , Beatnik, Deb, Scott, Dillon

Every year we do two events a Swap Meet and a Pool Tournament to raise funds for The Rapid City Club for Boys.
We make a mini run out of it and present the check to the administrators.

It is a blast! We pass out stickers and last year key chains to the boys. They mob us!
It is a great time and rewarding experience every year.

Please visit the Rapid City Club for Boys site here

This is their mission statement:

Our Mission
The Club for Boys is dedicated to providing positive experiences that develop self-esteem and character in a caring, safe, and fun environment for all boys.

Our Vision
The Club for Boys is committed to helping all boys meet their needs today so they can fulfill their potential tomorrow.

The Club for Boys Code
I will show my love for God in the way I treat my family, friends, and fellow members. I will show respect for our flag and our country, which has given me my freedom. I will show my gratitude for our club by displaying fair play, honesty, sportsmanship, and respect for the staff, club equipment, and my fellow members in all that I do. I will show kindness to others and will expect them to show kindness to me. I understand my membership depends on my ability to live up to this.

Our Cardinal Principles
1. We are for all boys
2. We are just for boys
3. We have an open door policy
4. Our dues are kept low so any boy can afford to belong
5. We are a non-sectarian organization
6. We are guidance oriented
7. No proof of good character or pledge is required
8. We are building centered
9. Our staff is professionally trained
10. We offer a varied and diversified program

We believe in helping our communities future and this is one way we do giving our time and resources to this great outreach!

That is me on the left!

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