Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paper or Plastic Take the Squidoo Poll!

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Paper or Plastic

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Chris says:
paper makes a great fire starter... camping at Sturgis!
Posted March 17, 2009

follow me on twitter.com/paulsorgi says:
What about reusable cloth bags?
Posted March 03, 2009

nar321 says:
Neither use a reuseable bag
Posted March 01, 2009

chaz2b says:
paper, a natural material that can be recycled or can decompose if not.
Posted February 25, 2009

garry says:
because it,s made from wood natural trees return back to nature
Posted February 23, 2009

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twitter.com/maxinegibson says:
plastic, recyclable for many uses, trash bags, clothing, supplies, shoes, items for storage, quick lunch, stores that do not offer bags, wet clothing, used diapers or depends, etc
Posted March 04, 2009

Mr.Ress says:
Plastic, more durable for re-use, and takes less energy/resources to recycle.
Posted March 03, 2009

drifter0658 says:
Plastic..plastic bags make better luggage
Posted March 01, 2009

Linnet Woods says:
Plastic because something has to be done with all the petroleum by-products and it means less pine trees being grown - those wretched pulp trees do the planet no good and actually ruin the soil around themselves.
Posted February 18, 2009

mrkensworld says:

Plastic usually, it is recyclable!

Posted February 14, 2009

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