Saturday, February 21, 2009

Twitter, so is it just for fun, to chat, for business or is it Real People Building Strong Bonds?

Actually Twitter is and has become way more than this title implies!

I am really enjoying my life on Twitter! I hope you will visit and rate a favorite lens of mine

What Do You Call Our Twitter Community?

Please leave your name, contact info along with your favorite pet name for
How about you?

The last four months have kind of blurred together since I joined this social media powerhouse, and started hanging around the Twitterhood I now live in...
So much has taken place!

I have made new friends, found old friends, developed some great partnerships, have been helping many people develop their web presence, tweeted 12810 times to date, have been praised and criticized, received feedback positive and negative, learned many new things, applications, seen many money making systems, direct messages, blogs, web sites, opt in pages, dig deep every day to find the latest and best links to post, blipped great songs, listened to others blips, posted pics on twitpic, videos on Youtube.....ahhhh wow! is definitely the hot spot to be!

I know there are many others and I also enjoy my friends on Facebook, TBD, MySpace ect, hands down though I spend the most time with folks on Twitter! It just is my favorite!

I have made some adjustments though! I get so involved every time I jump on that it is hard to get as much done as when I am not scanning tweetdeck, retweeting, repling ect...

The most important thing is not the ratings, the influence, the sales, the deals, the hype, pomp and circumstances... it is you! You and the relationships you are building while Twittering your time away!

In the months and years to come that have built strong, vibrant relationships on Twitter. Those we call when we need a little encouragement or some help getting over some tech issue.
We have a large slice of the internet world to help us define and redefine our systems and progress along the way.

We are approaching a huge change in the way the internet does business. The wealth and resources are transferring from the takers to real internet community, the givers and doers, the people who actually care and help people when no one will ever see or be able to repay you your help!
The truth is that Twitter is just plain fun, it has opened new door for multitudes of us to make friends, talk, network share and help each other.. It is way bigger than our programs, lists ratings, any and all of that!

It is about strong people helping each other to overcome and prosper in the most tumultious economic times this nation have seen in many years..

To all of my friends in the Twitterverse a big shout out and thank you from mrken777!


  1. I rated 'What Do You Call Our Twitter Community?' five stars (Awesometastic).

    I'm new to Twitter but with a bunch of friendly new friends like you it's an easy learn. Actually I joined a while back but never really tried it. I'm really starting to enjoy it.

  2. well said ken! you are definitely a great asset and we will do BIG things together soon- i know it, just keep being YOU!
    fellow twitterholic justinrfrench

  3. Ken,
    Well said! you have been a great asset, friend, partner, alliance, etc. we will continue to do GREAT things together on twitter you watch and see. just keep moving forward
    fellow twitterholic justinrfrench

  4. I love twitter also, and have only been on for maybe four months. During that time those who I have met have been some of the most positive, intelligent, helpful and encouraging of my life. I am beyond thankful to network with them and have them as friends. What is Twitter about to me? Relationships. Connecting to friends and connecting to those who work in your field and even outside your field. It's all about the people. And even then that doesn't say it all. It's also about learning new things. People are constantly sharing what they know with you, and the process of learning is never ending. And as you stated, it is just plain fun. I find Twitter is invaluable. What do I call Twitter!

    krissy knox :)
    my main blog: Sometimes I Think
    Follow me on Twitter:

  5. Great post, you really hit on the key points of twitter that appeal to me too. I'm finding twitter the most fun for making new connections!

    As for nicknames, I love the Twitterhood!

    All the best,