Monday, February 2, 2009

I am addicted to Twitter!

You know its true, if I had got any real serious sleep the last two months it was in between my Twitter fests!
How about you?
I am real bad, leave to do some errands and I am on my mobile phone checking messages, oops I have to stop and reply! LOL..
I have to discipline myself to take breaks from my latest pastime.

Honestly though I have been in this state of South Dakota through 8 winters, this one being the most snow I have seen here. This year I have not had time for being depressed cause it is freezing below zero because I have been having a blast on Twitter!
This may be foreign to you as it was to me before moving here. The truth is winter in these states brings out the demons of depression through the freezing isolation it can bring.
These factors plus lack of a lot of fresh air and sunshine can lead to a bad attitude, at the least.

Thanks to my Twitter friends as they are always making me laugh, checking up on me and being great people!
This is without the best winter i have ever had since moving here!

I am encouraging others that have the winter blues to get on Twitter, interact and make some friends!


  1. I love Twitter also. I need to discipline myself, or I will spend too much time on! I learn a lot, meet new people I never would have met, and have fun.

    krissy knox :)
    my main blog: Sometimes I Think
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  2. Ken,

    I saw the snow fences in Wyoming last year and didn't understand what they were at first. I, like you, live in a beautiful part of the country (NH) but it is too darn cold and icy to go riding!

    So, like you, I'm tweeting. I'm looking forward to meeting my Twitter pals as I ride around the country this year. You can bet I'll be shouting out a destination in the hopes that I'll run across someone I met here.

    Best of luck to you and I'll see you the NEXT time I get to Sturgis.



  3. Can't wait to save up a little bit to get my crossbones ride. I miss being on the road and tripping out to the desert every now and then.

    Twitter is becoming a normal part of my day now, not sure if that's good or bad, but it sure is fun!



  4. I just wrote my Twitterholic blog

  5. Hi Ken,
    I laughed at your post about being addicted to Twitter, I know what you mean. I've got friends all around the world and I have to stop and think about the time difference sometimes and I'm the same way, I'll be tweeting at my home office and then have to take one of our boys to baseball practice or something like that and I catch myself grabbing my iPhone to check for DM's or replies!
    I'm having a ball with it and am now a huge fan of microblogging. I also have a blog you can check out, it's relatively new but I hope to keep building it up in the near future. You can find it here:
    Take care and thanks for the videos!

  6. I'm not addicted to Twitter. I do like to follow conversations there during my time online, though I rarely comment. Now if I was blogging more than Tweeting I'd be okay. :-)