Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Also Have Some Great Friends on Facebook

.Making Money Online at Facebook!

I am writing this answering every 59 ways you can succeed in business posts that there are on the internet. Because I propose there is one! There is one sure fire way to make money online in a recession proof business, and I think your business, life, and lifestyle will change if you follow this one critical thing.
True Value is the key to success!

True Value is the key to success!

There are many ways to make money online, an example is my lens on squidoo unfortunately for those of us who have legitimate online businesses, there is also a vast sea of takers! There are a lot of things sold that do not have a value any where near the amount that people have paid. Do you agree? I have spent money and when it was said and done, I felt like I had been shorted some how…a few times felt plain ripped off! Have you ever felt that way?

We have a great workshop going.. Business Builders Workshop This is a group to help our Facebook community to brainstorm ideas to build a recession proof online business making money online! Please add to our power by sharing!
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