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Five Items To Do For Success At Social Networking Sites

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey thank you, I am honored you came to read my post!

I am looking forward to you joining our team, as we teach people how to make money online in a recession proof business. One of the ways, actually the hottest way.

Allow me to explain, if you are in marketing you know that email deliverability is at an all time low. Spam filters are not accurate and messages do not even get to 27% of people any more.... So what to do?

You allready know where I am headed... the hottest marketing , hence the biggest hottest marketing is on the hot social networking sites. Twitter, Facebook, TeeBeeDee, MySpace, FriendFeed, Linkedin, and a few others..

Please consider these five things for success at these sites.

Number One- Always greet your new followers! Depending on how many people start to follow you, that will determine whether you do it manually or use a program like Tweetlater to welcome new followers. Tweetlater is nice because as soon as they follow you a message goes out introducing yourself and thanking them. Resist the urge to post a link in this thank you message! How would it be when someone shook your hand for the first time they then tried to sell you something in the next sentence! A lot of people do post a link or a give away or anything, but I say be friendly, say hello let them come to you. This is far more effective than blasting a new person before they have heard a word that you have said…

Number Two- Be sure to post valuable information, interesting articles, photos, video links, music links. Give something of value to keep people interested. Insert links, affiliate links, the things that you sell sparingly or what the community will absorb. Keep them wondering what you will come up with. Google news reader is what I use mainly for this. Set it up to receive different RSS feeds from news, blogs or what ever might be interesting and apply to their lives. Its not always about what we like, I am the worst at this! My followers do hear a lot of motorcycle related stuff, I try not to over do it. Give them something of value for listening to your posts.

Number Three- Keep the personal stuff to a minimum, there needs to be some real life stuff that relates to your readers and prove you are not a post generating robot. My goodness not many want to know that much, I stubbed my toe, oh I put salt on my eggs, Come on.. Use discretion, be personal, and share when asked but don’t blog every breath the new puppy takes. I think you get this!

Number Four- Double check your posts for spelling, grammar, accuracy and by all means make sure the link works! You don’t have to be a scholar, or have perfect English grammar. I know mine is really rough! Do your best though, what you say and how you say it is all people have to judge you by. Not many successful first grader marketers out there. What I am saying is be a professional, if you want people to take you seriously! Double check the link after you have posted it! I am telling you, we all have posted bad ones and it looks very slip shod. Who wants to hook up and buy something from a third rate marketer. OK enough on that, one of my pet peeves.

Number Five- In this list anyway, answer your messages as quickly as you are able. Strike while the iron is hot! I do not mean just answer those that look like customers. Some of the people I spend the most time on messaging and the phone never really make a bunch of sales. People just want to be heard, answer your phone calls, messages and your messages posted as soon as possible. Do not try to evaluate the person asking right away, or wait if you can reply. To be a professional we must answer all reasonable questions and be polite.

Treat people with respect. Treat them like you want to be treated and enjoy great success in your social networking adventures.Thank you for reading this and I am looking forward to you joining me making money online in a recession proof business!

Glad to be riding,


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