Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is Anyone Using Direct Messages? Other than applications and newbie marketers...

I do not really get it and wonder how many clicks people get from the constant annoying, most times, spamming messages we get everyday in our Twitter accounts..

It is not the TIME TO SEND your link ... before you even have met a new person. If it wouldn't work in real life... "Hey my name is Joe Shameless go to my blog and buy my product", what makes you think it will work on social networks. It is the same here people like to do business with those they know and trust. I do!
Now I try and scroll back to see if I missed a message from a friend in my direct messages and I usually only reply if I see a genuine welcome message.
More as I have time I will browse through the list of direct messages to make sure I haven't missed something from a friend. I will reply to the messages that seem genuine, without a link and or original.
The crazy part is that seems a waste of time as very very rarely do I get a reply from these hand crafted responses. It appears that our Direct message in-box is like a safe-list junk list!
Most people are not reading them and we only use it to communicate stuff that we don't want everyone to know..

OK more direct messages we have all had enough of...

"Join my mafia family...." Grow up! If i wanted to play mafia I would be playing...

" A gave you a gift, give me one back..." A very annoying demanding one...

"see if your iq is higher than mine. take the iq quiz here:" I am fairly confident mine is higher...

I want to encourage others to use direct messages as they were intended. To be real, be original, be personal enough to use them.. and lets keep having fun!
I have met some great people through twitter and look forward to meeting more.

TWITTER still rocks..


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