Sunday, July 26, 2009

Riding Harleys, Bar B Ques and Swimming... I love summer!

Here we are and I have some great friends on Twitter granted, even though most of my life is lived here in South Dakota. I am taking a break from writing about Twitter and want to share some of my life with you all.

Today was awesome...
It started at 8:00 am when I got up did a little reading and reflection. Then wouldn't you know it my home and office internet connection was not working..
I took that as a sign and then remembered that there was planned maintenance today and left without check my sites and stats.
I headed out on this perfect morning headed for Black Hills fellowship where I go to get refreshed every week. We have an awesome group that has become our extended family there.

We had plans to ride out to Sheridan Lake for a BarB Que as our bro Scratches Mom was in town and he wanted her to meet us all. Dakota Point was the planned spot.

So off we rode side by side, headed for Sheridan Lake, it was quite a bit warmer now. Man I love summers :-)
We stopped at the top of the hill and pulled into the gas station to let everyone catch up...

We then headed into the beautiful Black Hills, headed for Dakota Point for some food and more... The warm air , sounds of large v twin exhausts and the smell of pines made it an memorable ride..
We arrived and parked the bikes, started chatting with some people allready enjoying Dakota Point.. Time to eat!
Scratch built the fire and cooked some great burgers and dogs..
We ate enjoyed the company and all waited the recommended time :-)
Then headed for the lake.. The water was warm and day was made complete by our friends as we frolicked in Sheridan Lake taking a break from the hot day...

Great food, great ride and the real gold great friends!

My day was great and now I am having a blast with my Twitter friends!

Till next time, enjoy your family and friends because this life is short and passing. When it fades the people that are in your life will be all that really matter...
So take some time soon, today, tonight or this week at least and enjoy what really matters as life is too short not to!

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